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Ian Pike, Chief Science Officer | Proteome Sciences


 ” We are excited about building a new relationship with Galaxy around our proprietary stroke biomarker patents. I am particularly impressed with the experienced executive group, led by CEO Randy Funk (a leader with both Consumer Product and Medical related executive marketing experience) and their focus on developing a first-in-class diagnostic test for stroke to be used on first contact."

Our Clinical Advisory Board


  • Lyle Hood PhD, - Medical Device Design Professor UTSA
  • Ian Pike PhDCSO | Proteome Sciences
  • Scott Blomberg  MBA - Medical Device Executive, Scientist, Product Development Expert

Our Values


 “We are believers, focused on serving the human medical needs of today and tomorrow within a morally and ethically sound environment."

"Our belief is that our partners in business must hold those same values as dearly as we do to insure our mission serves mankind with a greater good."


Priority # 1 Stroke


Galaxy, a clinical contract research organization, is pleased to announce the launch of its company through a cornerstone product built on its license agreement with Proteome Sciences. (London, UK) and its point of care license of Intellectual Property. For the initial product launch, Galaxy is licensing intellectual property relating to blood biomarkers of stroke developed by Proteome Sciences in partnership with the University of Geneva and Geneva University Hospitals. Galaxy intends to develop and deliver a validated point of onset stroke diagnostic test which will drive a doctor’s ability to determine when thrombolytic treatment can be administered for optimum clinical outcomes.

IP Refinement

GST- p

Galaxy will accomplish its mission through a board of advisors who are known and trusted experts in the clinical medical field, valued companies with current relationships, marketing channels built through a network of associates, and their own highly experienced management all within an ethical research environment.

Key to our IP refinement, and clinical proven products will be research from association with some of the leading Universities in cutting edge medical discovery like:

  1. The University of Geneva
  2. The University of Barcelona
  3. And many more

Monetizing IP


Success will also be drawn from key management’s valued intellectual assets. Such as cutting-edge scientific research, licensed patents that have not been monetized, creative manipulation across multiple microbiologic disciplines, and brand development expertise / success.

Revenue will be generated by strategically and uniquely developing products and services where these 4 elements intersect: 1.) Intellectual Property Rights, 2.) Medical / Health Needs, 3.) Expertise in Galaxy, 4.) Potential to Monetize. Galaxy’s Executive Experience, Clinical Connections, Product Development and Marketing Channel connections are the platform that will maximize monetary and clinical success.



Priority # 1 Stroke Timer

Worldwide there are 15,000,000 strokes every year. Galaxy’s initial product launch is focused on addressing and positively impacting this critical human need.

About one-quarter of adults in the world will experience a stroke in their lifetime, according to new estimates from the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBDS) published online Dec. 20, 2018 in the New England Journal of Medicine.


Galaxy's Monetizing Platform

Galaxy is built to be a cutting-edge Clinical Contract Research Organization that develops current technology, intellectual property, and research into marketable products in the Medical & Health related verticals. Then focusing on monetizing those elements into the proper channel, client, and methodology, to deliver incremental monetary returns while solving human health problems.



Company Background

Dr. Terry Elder (Galaxy President) is a career boarded entrepreneurial ER doctor, currently keeps his hand in clinical work in FSERs. In 1984, he co- founded a biotech start up with an Oxford (UK) trained PhD microbiologist and physicist, Richard Warrington PhD, (Galaxy Chief Science Officer) with the intention of using the then new monoclonal antibody technology to improve the CK-MB cardiac isoenzyme marker. Today, this London, UK based company evolved in the direction of proteomics, now renamed Proteome Sciences. 

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